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Dump the pots and filters forever! Keurig single cup coffee makers brew your coffee and tea in under a minute using our patented K-Cup Packs. All our feature-rich brewers make the perfect cup every time - in no time! It’s like having a coffee shop in your home or office.

Garden Hose Connector w/ Mur-lok Fitting

Garden Hose Connector with Mur-lok Fitting for your plumbed in brewer.... view

FloJet Bottle Pump

The Flojet Bottle Pump is designed to pump water from commercially available 3, 5, or 6 gallon water bottles.... view

Koffee Karousel - Single Cup Coffee Vending Machine

The Koffee Karouselâ„¢ is a patent pending table top vending machine. The machine provides a low cost means for small businesses to dispense their inventory of single-serve coffee pods. ... view

Vendor (25 cents) - $549.00 Please call
to order
Vendor (50 cents) - $549.00 Out of stock
Vendor (75 cents) - $549.00 Check back soon!
Vendor (1 dollar) - $549.00 Out of stock
Chrome Floor Stand - $139.99 Out of stock
Urnex - CleanCup Cleaning and Descaling Kit

The CleanCup kit comes with one cleaning cup and a 4 oz. bottle of descaling liquid. Everything you need for one cleaning of a K-Cup brewer.... view

1 Kit - $8.99 Out of stock
Urnex - CleanCup Liquid

The CleanCup is a descaling liquid to be used for your home Keurig K-Cup single cup brewer.... view

14oz - $8.99
Urnex - Cleaning Cups

The first cleaner in a cup! These single cup brewer cleaning cups are compatible with all Keurig K-Cup brewers. ... view

5 / 0.25oz Cups - $8.99 Check back soon!!
Urnex - Dezcal brewer descaler

Urnex Dezcal is a professional grade scale remover formulated for descaling your Keurig one cup coffee maker. Recommended for use every 6 months on a Keurig Brewer.... view

4 / 1oz packets - $6.95
Keurig - K150 & K155 Accessory - Cup Holder

The Keurig K150 & K155 Cup Holder Accessory easily dispenses beverage cups at your fingertips. The plastic double sleeve spring action cup holder holds up to 30 ten-ounce cups.... view

Keurig - K150 & K155 Accessory - K-Cup Display Shelf

Storing K-Cups is easier than ever with the Keurig K150 and K155 K-Cup Display Shelf accessory. Plastic display rack holds two K-Cup boxes.... view

$59.95 Check back soon!!
Keurig - Brewer Water Filter Kit (KIKG)

Keurig Brewer Water Filter Kit (B3000SE, B200, B150 & B155 units only)... view

Keurig - K3000SE Replacement K-Cup Holder

This is a specific replacement part for the Keurig K3000SE commercial brewer. This holder WILL NOT fit the Keurig K130, K140, OfficePro series, K150 and K200 brewer models. ... view

Black - $19.95
Keurig - K150 & K155 Plumb Kit

K150 & K155 Direct Water Line Plumb Kit.... view

Keurig - Commercial Replacement K-Cup Holder

This is a specific replacement part for Keurig commercial brewers (models K130, K140, K145, K155, K150 and B200). This holder WILL NOT fit the K3000SE Keurig brewer. ... view

Black - $17.95
Keurig - Brewer Water Filter Replacement (KQ8)

Keurig Water Filter Replacement (B3000SE, B200, B150 & B155 units only)... view