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Barista Prima K-Cup Packs

Barista Prima K-Cup Packs

Premium K-Cup packs. Barista Prima offers an exclusive collection of the world’s finest Arabica coffees. Extra bold, complex and perfectly balanced.

Barista Prima - House Blend K-Cup Packs

A complex dark roast that tastes straight out of a gourmet coffeehouse. Full bodied with notes of bittersweet chocolate and toasted nuts with a clean finish.... view

24 Count - $14.75
96 Count - $59.00 $57.00
Barista Prima® - Colombia K-Cup Packs

Accented by bright, bold fruit notes and a distinctive hint of walnut, this deep-roasted coffee possesses a sweet, full-bodied finish that elevates satisfaction into a realm all its own. ... view

24 Count - $14.75 Check back soon!
Barista Prima® - French Roast K-Cup Packs

This intensely bold, elegantly-bodied cup provides indisputable proof of the roast masters' consummate artistry. ... view

24 Count - $14.75 Check back soon!
Barista Prima® - Italian Roast K-Cup Packs

This robust, heavy-bodied cup with its ripe fruit and berry notes epitomizes the time-honored Italian tradition of dark-roasted coffee house brews. ... view

24 Count - $14.75 Check back soon!

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