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Blue Light K-Cup Specials

Blue Light K-Cup Specials

Attention Big Cat Shoppers! Browse our products that are currently on special. Don’t forget to check back often because they are always changing!

Starbucks Toasted Graham K-Cup Packs

Inspired by the classic graham cookie... view

22 Count - $19.95 $14.99
5 Count - $7.95 $4.99
Timothy's Toffee K-Cup Packs

That classic toffee flavor with hints of creamy caramel, vanilla and nougat... view

24 Count - $17.99 $12.99
5 Count - $6.49 $4.99
Folgers - Hazelnut Cream  K-Cup Packs

The sweet buttery flavor of hazelnut blended perfectly with Folgers medium roasted beans. A delicious treat for anytime of the day.... view

24 Count - $15.49 $11.99
Folgers - Vanilla Biscotti K-Cup Packs

This flavored coffee has a smooth vanilla flavor with a creamy finish.... view

24 Count - $15.49 $11.99
Folgers - Lively Colombian K-Cup Packs

This coffee has a distinctively rich and full-bodied taste of 100% Colombian beans.... view

24 Count - $14.99 $11.99
New England Coffee - Donut Shop Blend K-Cup Packs

Enjoy the smooth, mellow taste of New England Coffee's Donut Shop Blend. It's their lightest roast yet! ... view

24 Count - $14.99 $11.99
Tim Hortons - Decaf K-Cup Packs

Tim Hortons Decaf Coffee is a perfectly balanced, medium bodied coffee with a smooth finish, decaffeinated with the Swiss water process. ... view

24 Count - $16.49 $12.99
Timothy's - Colombian Excelencia K-Cup Packs

This exceptional 100% Colombian coffee is grown high atop Colombia’s Andes Mountains. A medium roast that is sweet and citrusy with bright acidity, it’s the perfect coffee for any time of day.... view

24 Count - $17.99 $12.99
Timothy's - Colombian La Vereda K-Cup Packs

Experience the intense fragrance and floral notes, and distinctive fruity overtones of this unique coffee that comes from the Embera-Chami tribe of San Lorenzo, Colombia.... view

24 Count - $17.99 $12.99
Timothy's - French Vanilla K-Cup Packs

There’s nothing more enticing than the rich vanilla aroma that drifts from a cup of Timothy’s French Vanilla coffee!... view

24 Count - $17.99 $12.99
Timothy's - Mocha Java K-Cup Packs

Mocha Java is one of the world’s first coffee blends and combines the bright sweetness of Ethiopian beans with the heavy body of beans from Indonesia.... view

24 Count - $17.99 $12.99
Timothy's - Rainforest Espresso K-Cup Packs

Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso is a rich and satisfying extra bold coffee for those who love the darkest roasts.... view

24 Count - $17.49 $12.99
Timothy's - Café Mocha K-Cup Packs

Timothy's Café Mocha is mesmerizing. You'll understand why during your first sip of this indulgent combination of full-bodied espresso, foamy milk and the rich flavor of milk chocolate. Have a little cup of something sweet and comforting that will enliven your day. ... view

24 Count - $19.49 $14.99
Timothy's - French Vanilla Latte K-Cup Packs

It's hard to resist this perfect amalgam of espresso and steamy, creamy milk, complete with an elegant swirl of vanilla. Our Vanilla Latte's soft texture and gently sweet flavor might be just what your little heart desires. ... view

24 Count - $19.49 $14.99
Café Bustelo - 100% Colombian K-Cup Packs

The perfect blend of medium and dark roasted 100% Colombian coffee. It has a rich and full-bodied flavor that doesn’t hold back!... view

24 Count - $15.49 $12.99
Coffee People - The Original Donut Shop Mocha Latte

A perfect blend of coffee, flavoring, and sweetener - all in one!... view

20 Count - $16.49 $12.99
80 Count - $65.96
Coffee People - The Original Donut Shop Vanilla Latte

Delightfully creamy. Deliciously dreamy. A satisfyingly sweet reward filled with vibrant vanilla flavor in every sip.... view

22 Count - $16.49 $12.99
Dunkin' Donuts - Hazelnut K-Cup Packs

The combination of 100% Arabica beans and the soothing, sweet aroma of roasted hazelnut make Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut coffee the perfect start to any day.... view

24 Count - $16.49 $12.99
McCafe - Breakfast Blend K-Cup Packs

A rich and vibrant blend made with 100% Arabica beans harvested from the foremost coffee-growing areas of the world.... view

24 Count - $14.49 $12.49
McCafe - French Roast K-Cup Packs

Let your senses indulge in this intense and full bodied coffee experience!... view

24 Count - $14.49 $12.49
McCafe - Decaf Premium Roast K-Cup Packs

Let the enticing aroma awaken your senses and experience the bright and lively flavor of McCafe Decaf Premium Roast K-Cups.... view

24 Count - $14.49 $12.49
Van Houtte® - Amazonia K-Cup Packs

This round-bodied coffee presents a well balanced blend of tangy and woodsy flavors and guarantees you an enjoyable tasting experience, every time. ... view

24 Count - $20.49 $12.99
Van Houtte® - Honduras San Luis Planes K-Cup Packs

This coffee offers a delicate aroma, a pleasant acidity and a full body, enhanced by delightfully sweet hints of caramel and toasted bread and by strong woodsy notes.... view

24 Count - $20.49 $14.99
Van Houtte® - Sumatra K-Cup Packs

Its exoticism will inspire you, its woodsy and earthy notes will add to your delight and its bitterness will charm your palate. ... view

24 Count - $20.49 $14.99
Van Houtte® - Decaf House Blend K-Cup Packs

This decaf coffee, made with exquisite Arabica beans, has a light acidity level with a candid lively flavor and medium rich body.... view

24 Count - $17.99 $14.99
Caribou - Mahogany K-Cup Packs

Mahogany is a dark brew that is rugged by nature and roasted to perfection. ... view

24 Count - $15.49 $12.99
Caribou - Caramel Hideaway K-Cup Packs

Caribou Coffee's Caramel Hideaway is crafted to bring flavors of artisanal caramel with notes of whipped cream and a smooth coffee flavor.... view

24 Count - $15.49 $12.99
Café Escapes - Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup Packs

An elegant and satisfying dark chocolate experience, with rich European sophistication. Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa indulgence at the touch of a button! ... view

24 Count - $16.49 $12.99
Café Escapes - Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa K-Cup Packs

A classic favorite for all ages. Sophisticated, sweet cocoa at the touch of a button! ... view

24 Count - $16.49 $12.99
Café Escapes - Café Mocha K-Cup Packs

A perfect pairing of chocolate and coffee for a rich and creamy experience. ... view

24 Count - $15.95 $12.99
Café Escapes – Café Vanilla K-Cup Packs

A tantalizing cup of the world’s favorite flavor.... view

24 Count - $16.49 $12.99
Eight O’Clock® Coffee - DECAF Original K-Cup Packs

Start your morning off right with Eight O'Clock Original decaffeinated coffee. These beans are decaffeinated before under going a medium roast.... view

24 Count - $13.99 $11.99
Diedrich - Morning Edition Blend Decaf K-Cup Packs

This full-roast coffee delivers creamy vanilla sweetness and a hearty finish. ... view

24 Count - $13.99 $11.99
Diedrich - Morning Edition K-Cup Packs

A bright wake-me-up for breakfast or a crisp, clean finish to any meal.... view

24 Count - $13.99 $11.99
Starbucks® - True North Blend K-Cup Packs

Just the thing to make your day brighter. Roasting this blend of specially chosen Latin American beans for a shorter time allows the delicate nuances of soft cocoa and lightly toasted nuts to blossom.... view

24 Count - $20.49 $14.99
96 Count - $81.96