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Twinings - Jasmine Green Tea K-Cup Packs

Pure green tea expertly blended with the fresh scent of jasmine flowers to deliver a fragrant tea with a unique floral aroma and taste.... view

12 Count - $9.49
72 Count - $56.94 $54.94
Snapple - Lemon Iced Tea K-Cup Packs

Life handed us lemons, we picked out the best ones and blended their lemon flavor with our green and black teas to create our famous Snapple Lemon Tea. ... view

22 Count - $14.99
88 Count - $59.96 $57.96
Snapple - Raspberry Iced Tea K-Cup Packs

For the ultimate refreshment, brew a cup of raspberry flavored green and black tea from Snapple®–Made from the Best Stuff on Earth®.... view

22 Count - $14.99
88 Count - $59.96 $57.96
Snapple - Diet Half N Half Lemonade Iced Tea K-Cup Packs

Made from the best stuff on Earth, Snapple Diet Half ‘N Half is made from the perfect blend of tasty tea and tangy lemonade and is now available in the convenience of Keurig K-Cup packs.... view

22 Count - $14.99
88 Count - $59.96 $57.96
Snapple - Diet Peach Iced Tea K-Cup Packs

To Diet Peach their own. Smooth Snapple tea, perfect peach flavor. We made it just for you from the Best Stuff on Earth.... view

22 Count - $14.99
Lipton - Green Tea Chamomile Mint K-Cup Packs

Made from tender green tea leaves and herbs, blended with a hint of natural flavor, this tea is an invitation to relax.... view

24 Count - $14.99
96 Count - $59.96 $57.96

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