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New England Coffee - Hazelnut Crème K-Cup Packs

The rich, nutty flavor of our hazelnut crème coffee creates a smooth coffee experience with a hint of sweetness. ... view

24 Count - $13.99
96 Count - $55.96 $53.96
Maxwell House - Vanilla Hazelnut K-Cup Packs

Warm and toasty, with the delicious flavors of vanilla and hazelnut.... view

24 Count - $14.75
96 Count - $59.00 $57.00
Green Mountain Coffee - Maple Pecan K-Cup Packs

A familiar blend of sweet maple syrup and rich, buttery pecan flavors create a warm and welcoming compliment to any autumn day. ... view

24 Count - $14.99 Out of Stock
Coffee People - Peppermint Bark K-Cup Packs

It's Coffee People's lightest roast coffee dressed up with a taste of creamy white chocolate and a crushed candy cane finish. This bark comes with a little peppermint bite! ... view

24 Count - $14.99 Out of stock
Dunkin' Donuts - Cinnamon Coffee Roll K-Cup Packs

Real cinnamon flavor. Not too strong, not too sweet, the perfect amount of flavor with a whole lot of aroma! ... view

24 Count - $15.95
96 Count - $63.80 $61.80
Dunkin' Donuts - Pumpkin Spice K-Cup Packs

Flavored with pumpkin, nutmeg, and cinnamon flavors, this fall favorite is as delicious as it is aromatic ... view

24 Count - $15.95 $14.99
96 Count - $63.80 $59.96

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