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AriZona - Green Tea with Ginseng Stix

AriZona - Green Tea with Ginseng Stix

Introducing, a sugar free product that tastes great, has zero calories, and also provides the protective benefits of green tea. It's perfect for those who like the tea taste, but don't want all the sugar. This new on-the-go powder mix is perfect to add to a 16oz or a 20oz bottle of water. It's so convenient in weight and size, and can be tucked into your jacket pocket or stored in your desk easily. Just add one packet to a bottle of water, shake well, and enjoy!

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30 Stix $10.95 Check Back Soon!!


Additional Notes

With this mix you get to enjoy all the delicious flavor and health benefits without the guilt of calories or sugar!
0.1 oz packet makes 16.9 to 20 oz drink. Ingredients: instant tea, maltodextrin, honey*, citric acid, sucralose, natural flavors, acesulfame potassium, ginseng. *contributes a dietary insignificant amount of sugar."

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