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Urnex - Dezcal brewer descaler

Urnex - Dezcal brewer descaler

Dezcal™ Activated Scale Remover is specifically formulated to quickly and effectively descale the hot water tanks and components of coffee and espresso machinery. By removing mineral deposits which clog and impair brewing equipment, Dezcal™ allows machines to perform at optimal levels. Non-toxic and bio-degradable, Dezcal™ is suitable for use by both professional technicians and home users alike.

Recommended for use every 6 months on a Keurig Brewer

Each Box contains 4 single-use packets.

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Additional Notes

Mineral deposits in your brewer can extend brew time, clog water tubes, and reduce brew temperature. Regular use of safe, fast-acting Dezcal™ ensures great coffee and protects your machine.

Cleaning and descaling your Keurig brewer is strongly recommended to avoid calcium mineral build-up that occurs in most tap water. We've tested a number of products, and recommend Dezcal because it's easy to use, and more effective than vinegar. Each box includes 4, 1oz. packets. Each packet provides a single clean cycle.

Our recommendations for use:

1) Dissolve one packet Dezcal in 32 oz. of water in your Keurig brewer's reservoir. Stir thoroughly for at least 30 seconds to make sure entire packet is dissolved.

2) Brew several cycles -- with no K-Cup -- into a mug or heat-safe glass measuring cup until the water tank is empty.

3) Leave your Keurig brewer on for 30 minutes. At this point you still have the descaling solution in your boiler, where it will continue the descaling process.

4) Rinse and re-fill your water reservoir and brew several cycles into a mug until the water tank is empty.

5) Re-fill and repeat, until the water in your mug or measuring cup is completely clear.

Your brewer is refreshed and revived, and ready to make a fresh cup of coffee!

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