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David Rio - White Shark Chai Mix

David Rio - White Shark Chai Mix

David Rio’s White Shark Chai is the very first of its kind - a white tea chai latte. It combines quality Bai Mudan white tea, organic spices, and a bite of black pepper to complement its bright citrus notes.

- Non-GMO
- No trans fats
- No hydrogenated oil
- Organic spices
- Gluten free
- Certified kosher
- Lactose free

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14oz canister $11.49 Out of stock
12 packets $16.95 Out of stock
4lb bag $39.49


Additional Notes

David Rio chose the White Shark as its vulnerable animal to raise awareness to the human hostility that destroys their populations. They will donate annually to the Greater Farallones Association’s White Shark Stewardship Project to support the protection and conservation of the shark population that utilizes the underwater national park known as the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary 26 miles off the coast of San Fransisco, and to ensure it remains an ecologically diverse ocean environment for all other species.


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