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Urnex - CleanCup Cleaning and Descaling Kit

Urnex - CleanCup Cleaning and Descaling Kit

Clean your machine in two simple steps for better tasting coffee!

The CleanCup kit comes with one cleaning cup and a 4 oz. bottle of descaling liquid. Everything you need for one cleaning of a K-Cup brewer.

CleanCup Single Cup Brewer Cleaning Cup:

-The first single cup brewer cleaner in a cup
-Ensures removal of oily residue from exit needle
-Biodegradable, odorless and phosphate free

CleanCup Descaling Liquid:

-Breaks down limescale inside heating elements
-Helps extend the life of your brewer
-More effective than vinegar
-Compatible with all home coffee brewers
-Biodegradable, odorless and phosphate free

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Additional Notes

*Brewer cleaning cups are not compatible with Keurig 2.0 brewers.*

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